I have been working with Daniel for about a year and in that time I have my websites have gone from ok to great. I have worked with designers in the past that just designed websites. Daniel’s knowlege and expertise make him more that just a web designer he is my online business consultant.

Joe Michel

Daniel has far surpassed my expections on what a web designer can do for your business. Daniel has not only helped me with my web sites but has also helped with online promotion and optimization. His range of knowledge is amazing.

Brandy Lucas

Web design will never been something that I am great at.; When I started to work with Dan that is how I felt. I always thought that Web design was something for experts but Dan took the time to help me with my site for my church. Dan has not only helped me create a Website but with ongoing help with his consultation I have a great website. Dan thank you for all you hard work and letting me learn so much about Web design.

Eric Fitzpatrick

I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel for some time now and have found that he has a high level of intelligence and an excellent work ethic. He is incredibly creative and innovative while at the same Daniel has a great business mind. Daniel is an incredible resource for entrepreneurs. He understands how companies fit into the overall business landscape, where opportunities are, and where critical vulnerabilities may present themselves. Daniel possesses wide business knowledge, but is not afraid to point you toward a better resource if one exists. Most important of all, Daniel is a person you will enjoy working with because he is extremely trustworthy and loyal. In utilizing these skills Daniel has delivered results which have allowed me to grow my business in areas I didn’t think were possible. I would without reservation highly recommend Daniel in helping to grow your business with his superb web design capabilities.

Kevin Mayeu

Daniel is the consummate professional & gentleman. He is always on top of his game especially in the design industry. He has the ability to focus on the needs of the individual while keeping focus on the end objective, thus attaining top notch results. Daniel has proven himself to be a respected company leader with his wit & objectivity.He is great about working with you to figure out what vibe you want to create and then nailing it doing a fantastic job reading you as a client. His vast knowledge of design and marketing allows him to always be one step ahead of the competition and a trend-setter thanks to his superior taste in all creative genres. Daniel is an excellent motivator and entrepreneur I highly recommend him as a top professional who can be trusted and relied upon to follow through and get the job done well beyond average expectations.

Toki Tover

I have worked with Daniel and have seen the quality service and support that he provides his clients with. He has helped several businesses create an online presence with a custom website that meets the needs of the client so that they may expand their business.

Sergio Montiel